The Apple, the Tree, and the Promise of Things to Come

My family and I were sitting around the dining room table the other day after dinner when my son stood and approached me with a cunning smile on his face. The gadget of the week was out and he had to have it. Had to. So I asked him…

“This sounds pretty cool Son”, I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. “Now tell me what you’re going to do with it…”  He looked at me with a perfectly straight face and began to go through this soliloquy of reasons clearly being constructed on the fly. How the world as we know it would soon end if he didn’t have this techno-gadgety geek-o-widget du jour in his hot little hands. I commended him on the creativity of his presentation, told him to save his money, and sent him on his way.
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.30.41 AM

As he went to bed, his part in saving the universe already forgotten, I glanced at the screen on my iPad and exclaimed to my Wife. “Look honey! The iWatch comes out next week… “   She looked at me and rolled her eyes. “What…?”, I replied with a perfectly straight face. She maintained her glare with a look every husband is familiar with.  You know the one – where she somehow manages to look like she’s rolling her eyes with out actually doing it… a look that can somehow be maintained indefinitely.

“Seriously, you know what this thing will do?” The gaze continued as I prepared possible objections in my mind.  “I have two words for you” she said.  Gesturing to the staircase my Son just traversed, she said “Fruit”, then pokes my forehead with a single finger.  “Tree”

It took me a minute.  “wait for it… “, she said as she stood from the table.
She looked at me, I looked at her… And the lightbulb went off in my head… “there it is!” She exclaimed.  Having wisdom beyond my years, I helped her clear the table, and said nothing.


It did get me thinking though.  How many times have you given a child a box of Legos only to have them returned to you as something way cooler than plastic pieces in a box? My hat is off to Apple – a company that will release a product having absolutely no clue how it will be used, but confident that creative minds will make it flourish. – June 2015