When The Situation Calls For Awareness

If your world is anything like mine your phone is dinging, chirping, ringing or vibrating off the table all day long. While these digital burps feel like an electronic leash at times, they are a great way to stay productive and connect with people who live in other states- as I do with my extended family and close friends. There is certainly a ‘risk vs reward’ equation Continue reading “When The Situation Calls For Awareness”

Remember to Parent

Every parent wants to do better for their kids than was done by their parents before them.  For my Wife and Me, that means sending our Son to camp at a lake each summer.  He makes the usual trek to camp for several weeks, then as the summer winds down, he goes to his Grandparents place on the beach off the Long Island Sound for two weeks.  It’s a rough life he lives, but somehow he survives…

Technology Can Be A Helpful Parenting Tool

There isn’t a single generation since man walked erect that hasn’t said “things were different when I was young…” and meant it. As a Father in his <gulp> 40’s I never thought this particular cliche’ would land as squarely on my shrinking shoulders as it has. Living in the Information Age has provided us all progress and prosperity as well as perils and pitfalls. The question of the day is; “How do I use this to my advantage as a parent?”

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The impressions of youth.

si-swimsuit-1988I am, without a doubt, a child of the 80’s.  My generation was raised on media- movie, TV, music- we soaked it up like a sponge.  We learned about sexuality from seeing Supermodels in sports magazines and billboards. Women who rarely look that way in real life were perched precariously in every gaze, on every billboard, TV show, movie and magazine. As with most teenage males my every thought was refocused on attaining the attention of the unattainable.  And not just sexual drivers – every facet of our personalities were affected by what was aspired and revered.  We were mentored, molded and manicured into that which we thought we should be.
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Hey Siri

As we all know, technology can be the savior of our existence or the root of our eminent demise- it’s all about perspective. Perspective, like patience, is an elusive mistress in times of need. Ironically, if you didn’t need it, you wouldn’t care that you don’t have any. But I digress… Continue reading “Hey Siri”


I am certain that every generation of parent at some point utters the same phrase. It may be different based on era, culture and colloquial factors, but the thought is exactly the same. Depending an where you are from it might have sounded like one of the following:shutterstock_213175831
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ChangeI tend to write a lot about change – either causing it or dealing with it. Change is good. Change is natural. Change is what teaches us the ability to adapt to the never ending barrage of challenges life has in store for us. Like the opposable thumb separated us from the rest of the species on the planet, change is the great equalizer.
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