Hey Siri

As we all know, technology can be the savior of our existence or the root of our eminent demise- it’s all about perspective. Perspective, like patience, is an elusive mistress in times of need. Ironically, if you didn’t need it, you wouldn’t care that you don’t have any. But I digress… Continue reading “Hey Siri”

demolition man…

“I’m a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom
I kill conversation as I walk into the room
I’m a three line whip
I’m the sort of thing they ban
I’m a walking disaster
I’m a demolition man”

It was a bright and shiny Thursday afternoon and I was in my normal routine. I arrived at my Starbucks du jour prepared for my three o’clock feeding.  My no fat, no foam, double tall decaf pumpkin spice latte was practically made when I walked in the door. There are advantages Continue reading “demolition man…”

it’s probably me….

“You ask yourself, who could it be
A solitary voice to speak out and set you free
I hate to say it
I hate to say it
but it’s probably me”

I was in Detroit awhile ago and met up with a friend of mine who refers to me as I do him; A Brotha’ from another Motha’.  To me, Jim is the epitome of an inner city Italian;  Short, stocky, strong as an ox, unbelievably talented and giving to a fault .  If you make it in to his inner circle Continue reading “it’s probably me….”

a good idea in theory…

“So tired now of paying my dues
I start out strong but then I always lose”
-Vertical Horizon

Do you remember that commercial – I think it was for DSL service – where a guy is sitting at his computer surfing aimlessly with his kids playing in the background?  Suddenly, the computer chirps and says “You have reached the end of the Internet.  Please start over…”

I was talking to a friend of mine in NY the other day who tells me that his dating life Continue reading “a good idea in theory…”

their eloquence escapes you….

“Poets, priests and politicians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no one’s jamming their transmission
‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you”

“Come one, come all! Watch the amazing snake oil cure what ails ya’.  It’ll cure your cough, mend your broken bones and make the misses anxious to please you!  It’s a floor wax and a desert topping!… Continue reading “their eloquence escapes you….”

I’ll be watching you…

“Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you”

Mother used to always say; “Be where you are when you are there”.  A metaphysical suggestion to not waste time longing for that which I don’t have, but rather to enjoy the here and now.  Little did I know how taking that advice in its most literal context would have served me well… Continue reading “I’ll be watching you…”